Petro SAS for Oil Services and Maintenance works Co. is one of SAS AL DAR General trading company Groups which have been set in 2006. Petro SAS Company has been set up in the year 2011, since setting up it was very great company, where it has made strong Joint venture with many great famous and international oil & Gas Companies all over the world, for example :-

- Terra Energy – U. S. A - Company

- Radial Drilling – U. S. A - Company

And has made, now strong relations with more than (30) international, great oil & Gas companies all over the world.


Petrosas's Philosophy is founded in a Commitment to sustainable growth and development in an ever-evolving global market. Its objective is to provide quality of the highest order in its worldwide businesses. Loyalty, trust, Professionalism and international expertise, reinforced by the ability and determination to foster long-term relationships, are the hallmarks of the Group.




  • "We owe our clients and principal a prompt service of a highest quality"

    - Encourage scientific relations in the field of oil & Gas through attracting the oil experts from advanced countries.

    - Making strong Joint relations with famous companies in the field of oil & Gas companies

    - Opening new markets all over Arabic Gulf countries and Middle East countries.

    - Participating in achieving the strategic target of Kuwaiti government to achieve the production capacity to be (4) millions barrels through the year 2020.

Mission and Vision


    - Introducing the modern techniques to develop the old wells of oil & Gas.

    - Introducing the modern technologies in the field of research and exploration of new Oil & Gas fields.

    - Supplying the modern spare parts and modern machines and equipments in the field of oil & Gas.

    - Implementation the international stands of quality, Environment and safely to ensue the excellent oil services. (ISO - 9001)(ISO -14001)(OHSAS - 18001)


    Petro SAS. Co. has done its best to be the pioneer and sustained on the excellence top in the field of oil & Gas services.