New Technologies

Remote Sensing Exploration Technology
Sub‐Terrain Prospecting (STeP®) technology, which is described as multi stage acquisition, processing, modeling and interpretation of satellite, cartographic, geological and analytical data to assess, quantify, characterize and specifically locate hydrocarbon and mineral bearing areas;

Geochemical Exploration Technology
Naturally Adsorbed Gas Survey (NAGS™), which is described as geochemical technology based on a new model of a certain “gas field” of the Earth, analyzing adsorbed gases in collected samples to determine zones of hydrocarbon and other mineral accumulations;

Microseismic Technology
Side View Seismic Locator (SVSL), which is described as micro‐seismic technology based on processing of scattered waves to determine zones of open fracturing in reservoirs and achieve the highest production rates;

Passive Seismic Technology
Seismic Location of Emission Centers (SLEC), which is described as a passive seismic technology for studying fluid (oil or water) saturation, oil to water contact and reservoir dynamics using Earth’s natural seismic emissions.

Seismic Data Processing
Seismic data processing (2D/3D, onshore & offshore)

Radial Drilling Technology
Petrosas offers the oil and gas sector with new and innovative drilling & workover technology which improve the production profile around the main well-bore & Increase the drainage radius (Dr) Applications of this production technology are:-

  • Reduction of infill drilling
  • Elimination of excess poor producing wells
  • Replacement of horizontal or multilateral drilling
  • Steam injection/heavy oil recovery/CBM
  • Perforating
  • Water disposal wells/injection application
  • Pressure maintenance operations
  • Chemical treatment of wells
  • Directed acid fracturing

Casing and Tubing
Vacuum Insulated Tubing is composed of host string, thermocase, coupling, sealing ring and liner pipe. The insulated tubing adopts double-walled enclosed welded structure; the inner tube is treated with pre-stressing during welding. There are multi-layer insulation structure in the annulus space and getter in the thermocase which can reduce heat transfer, energy loss by convection and radiation, and protect hydrogen explosion and prolong the service life with special handicraft treatment.

Super Sweep
A drilling fluid additive that when added to a drilling mud increases the suspension and hole cleaning ability of the fluid