Consultancy Services

As a leading Kuwaiti company in subsurface activities, Petrosas provides a wide range of consultancy services to Oil and Gas sector such as:-


  • Integrated Reservoir Simulation services in the areas of Enhanced Oil Recovery, Waterflood Optimization, Gas Reservoir Management and Field Development Plans
  • Shale Gas Predictive Model (SGPM)- software, technology transfer and workflow development of exploitation of Shale Gas production.
  • Integration of Geological, Geophysical, and Engineering data for better reservoir descriptions to capture uncertainties.
  • Multiple reservoir description using geostatistics.
  • Ranking and upscaling using streamline simulations.
  • Comprehensive full-field flow simulation (black oil and compositional models) for history matching and future predictions.
  • Reserves estimations along with uncertainties.
  • Use of production data for mapping of remaining hydrocarbons.
  • Reservoir Rock Typing.
  • Prediction of rock type and permeability at uncored locations.
  • Single well optimization through nodal analysis.
  • Economic evaluation and risk assessment of oil industry projects.
  • Mapping of reservoir properties with emphasis on untapped reserves.
  • Economic feasibility studies.
  • Decline curve analysis.