Tools and Equipments Supply

Petrosas offers the oil and gas sector with new and innovative exploration technologies which gives the max success rates with the lowest cost and short time in comparison with conventional exploration methods
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Workover Rigs
  • Drilling Equipments

Top drive spare parts and accessories
Well Optimization Solutions
  • Coiled Tubing Equipments & Spare Parts
  • Slickline Services and Equipments
  • Surface Flow Controls
  • Wireline Units
  • Pressure Control Equipments
  • Wireline Service Tools
  • Slickline VEE Packing (BAKER, OTIS & CAMCO)
  • Sealing Technology

Casing and Tubing
Steam Generators
Water Treatment Plants
Surface and Sub-Surface Instrumentation
  • Quartz Pressure Gauges
  • Sapphire Pressure Gauges
  • Wellhead Pressure Recorders
  • Production Logging Tools
  • Casing Inspection Tools
  • Multi-Cycle Shut-In Tools
  • Side Pocket Surface Readout Permanent Monitoring Systems (conventional and retrievable)
  • Surface Acquisition Loggers
  • Communication Systems

Oil Field Chemicals
Complete range of cementing equipments like Bow spring centralizers, Turbolizers, Solid Body Rigid Centralizers, Stop Collars, Cementing Plugs & Float Equipments

Oil Field Chemicals
  • Super sweep (Hole Cleaning Fiber)
  • Completion fluids
  • Loss circulation materials
  • Weighting agents
  • OBM / SOBM
  • Completion and Workover Chemicals
  • Cementing chemicals
  • Stimulation chemicals