Petrosas supplies cementing equipment such as rigid centralizers, bow-spring casing centralizers, ESP cable protectors as well as the stop collars used for the rigid centralizers and bow-spring casing centralizers.

Rigid centralizers

One-piece rigid centralizers are made with close tolerance and underreamed applications in mind. The centralizer blades may bend in constricted spaces and still return to OD with restoring force that exceeds API specifications because to the single piece


  • Single piece, spring steel design.
  • Unique blade profile-stress relief blade features.
  • Low running force. High restoring forces with excellent standoff. Competent and consistent performance. Exceeds API test standards.
  • Perfect elastic recovery after extreme compression.
  • Patented product.
  • One piece bow spring centralizers

    A high-performance one-piece bow spring centralizers, are suited for horizontal and deviated holes. While maintaining beginning and running forces at or close to 0 Ibf, the centralizer offers high restoring forces. This maximizes standoff during cementing


    • Using one-piece spring steel sheet structure.
    • Go through standard heat treatment process. Elasticity is stable and durable .
    • Low running force. High restoring force.
    • Restoring force is 1.5-3.5 times higher than API 10D standard.
    • Suitable for onshore installation, reducing rig time costs and HE exposure.

    Hinged centralizers

    Casing in the wellbore can be centralized using the BS Bow Spring Centralizer during running and cementing operations. It belongs to the class of hinged non-welded bow spring centralizers, made for less demanding wellbore applications without a rotation need. To provide the best restoring power and give different bow configurations for specialized applications, it comes in a variety of bow heights and sizes.


  • Hinged connection, can be assembled locally to reduce shipping costs.
  • Using spring steel standard heat treatment process for bows. Elasticity is stable and durable.
  • Using crimp connection between bows and end collars.
  • Products meet API 10D standard.
  • Stop Collars

    Slip on Stop Collar is a single piece collar that uses one row of set screws to produce the gripping force. It is used where high axial loads are expected, and is effective where low annular clearance is encountered. Our Stop Collar is easy to install, because it simply slides onto the casings.


    • Using quality high-strength steel.
    • Fixed with set screws, having high holding force.
    • Beveled on one side, making it easy to run into the hole

    Stamping cable protector

    Stamping cable protector is designed to fit over the coupling to convey, secure cables and control lines in and out of the wellbore quickly, safely and efficiently. It is made from reusable galvanized materials.


  • Carbon steel material (JISG 3131 SPHC) and can withstand 400°F.
  • Four-point friction pad gripping system engineered to meet API Piping Spec prevents over-gripping cables.
  • Deformation of flat friction pads during installation prevents damage to the cables/flat packs/control lines, resisting slipping and rotation.
  • Triple progressive contact pads on the channel are designed to grip the cable more efficiently.