Consultancy Services


At every turning point throughout its history, Petrosas has supported the creation of new frontiers that have shaped the Kuwaiti oil and gas market. This experience in the upstream oil and gas sector is part of the firm's DNA. By combining technical, operational, and commercial considerations.


We continue to be a crucial partner for clients pursuing exploratory projects because of our solid team of experts in all subsurface disciplines. The experts at Petrosas have supported crucial elements of exploration, including campaigns, assessments of the magnitude of the reward, the value of assets, and marketing opportunities for farm-outs.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

EOR presents a crucial strategic answer for operators who are increasingly concerned with maximizing profits from existing assets. Petrosas has created unique frameworks for vetting EOR candidates and has mapped the EOR potential in the Kuwaiti market.


Energy infrastructure continues to be a crucial asset class for the growth of an industry that is continuously changing. With regard of assisting market participants in determining the viability and worth of midstream assets including pipelines, gas processing plants, and LNG facilities. Petrosas has a wealth of knowledge & awareness of the underlying assets.